Built for filmmakers, by filmmakers.

We built CineFrame to easily find reference frames. We were tired of never ending Google searches, scavenging our Vimeo like history, and always returning to our favorite filmmakers to find stills as we put together new treatments. So we built CineFrame. Browse frames by tags, use A.I. to find new frames you like, and saves the ones you do. We hope you'll love it. If you'd like to suggest new features, say hi!



Powerful Browsing Tools


Download All The Frames

CineFrame was born because finding the best reference frames for treatments can be hard.

So any frame you find on CineFrame, you can easily download to use as you wish.


Films you know,

& ones you don't.



Save Frames You Like

Create collaborative projects for you and your team. Save the frames you like, comment with everyone, and download the frames to your computer.


Find Similar Frames

Easily use powerful AI to find images similar to the ones you like. You can even upload frames from your phone to get new inspiration.